Katha Parab 2022

Welcome to Katha Parab 2022, third edition of online Jharkhand Storytelling festival from 14th May to 5th June,2022.

Katha means Story and Parab is another name for Festival ... So, Katha Parab is a Festival of Stories! This festival is ideated,curated and organised by TheStoryMunch,a theatrical storytelling venture. We aim is to bring HOPE in every HEART, PEACE in every HOME and a SMILE on every FACE!

The purpose of the festival is to increase the happiness and emotional quotient of the people. Also, to exchange stories from and to Jharkhand through the talented storytelling tribe.

Multilingual stories! Stories in mother tongue! Stories Lost and Found!

Stories to Comfort and Heal! Stories to bring back the Zeal! Stories to Inspire & Focus! Stories to Bind us!

Our theme this year is
*'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'*, the whole world is a family.

Also, as a storytelling family we would include stories on the world storytelling theme of the year, Lost and Found.

ZOOM in from anywhere in the world. Every weekend... an enjoyable experience for All!

TheStoryMunch is happy to collaborate with storytellers, authors, educators and facilitators.

This summer, meet more than 75 amazing storytellers from 8 countries, witness 25 + entertaining sessions and workshops, participate in the exciting competitions.

**We are supporting Roti Bank and People for Change, Two praiseworthy NGOs that are working tirelessly to arrange aid and relief for the needy.

We stand for the tribal artisans. This year the deaf and mute friends shall join to celebrate.

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Stories Await You!


In case of queries,
please send a Whatsapp message to 9937381962 or email to 'thestorymunch@gmail.com'