Richa Sinha

Founder, Creative Storyteller

Richa Sinha is a freelance performance storyteller, motivational speaker, a story enthusiast. Her academic qualifications in MBA, NTT, B.ED and certified storytelling help her in interacting with young people. With her experiences in public speaking, elocution, art and dramatics, she tries to bring the characters to life in her story sessions.

Today, we need people to communicate more. Storytelling is an ancient means of communication. Stories bring out expressions, develop understanding and inculcate appropriate values. Believe in the power of stories. They help you deal with the various challenges of life. The purpose of this venture is to contribute to the society through storytelling sessions for children and adults through workshops, programs and activities designed for oral storytelling, dramatics, public speaking, personality development, soft skills and more.

There is also a library for the members to encourage reading.

Stories for inclusion. Stories to bridge the gap. Stories to inspire. Stories to cheer. Stories for the confident, future citizens no less than their peers.

TheStoryMunch offers regular sessions, workshops, theme based activities & competitions for all.


To bring HOPE in every HEART, PEACE in every HOME and a SMILE on every FACE.