Techniques Involved

The sessions cater to the needs and skill development of the children empowering them to comprehend, communicate and express themselves in a better way. A few of the techniques involved are:

Read Alouds

The session emphasises on the way the book is read. Stress on Voice, tone, mood,clarity, phonetics and pauses to present the correct meaning. Listening improves patience, focus and creativity. Also, encourages the children to become readers. (Our BookMunch movable library is open for all TheStoryMunch members)

Drama & Roleplay

TheStoryMunch aims to bring out the confidence in the person, to enable to express oneself with the right voice projection, clarity of speech and emotion, body language, movement, pace and rhythm.

Story Art & Craft

The session includes aids to create original props and illustrations to make the story alive and engaging through the art and craft theme based sessions. Recycled materials are majorly used.

Creative Writing

This session helps the child to create a story. This sessions encourages imagination, creativity, problem solving skills, overcoming inhibitions, breaking the stereotypes and thus make change makers and architects of the future.