Katha Parab 2021

Life is uncertain! Hopelessness, despair and gloom everywhere!

All have lost someone near and dear, Engulfed in grief and fear. Locked up in homes or reaching out to help to show you cared. Forced to live in dark , testing times, feeling unnerved and scared. Well, Hold on my friend! This is not the end. Let there be Hope in every Heart...then there shall be Peace in every Home & Smiles on every Face and the world will refresh and restart!

Richa Sinha

TheStoryMunch presents KATHA PARAB 2021, Second Online Jharkhand Storytelling Festival (5-27 th June).

Stories to Comfort and Heal! Stories to bring back the Zeal! Stories to Inspire and Focus! Stories to Bind us!

We invited, they agreed to join in for story sessions and workshops. Every weekend... a different group! Around 80 storytellers, 23 Storytelling Groups, 35 + sessions, 6 countries (India, Seirra Leone(Africa), U.K., Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.A). Grateful to the giving Storytelling tribe!

(TheStoryMunch is happy to collaborate with Kathalaya, Mumbai Storytelling Society(MSS), Indian Storytellers Healing Network(ISHN), Storytelling Education Arts India Council(SEAIC), Hyderabad Storytellers Assiciation(HYSTA), Federation of Asian Storytellers(FEAST), Your StoryBag(YSB), Heritage Stories and Performing Arts (HSPA), Mirror Workshops, Sahyog, Pickle Yolk Books, Talking Stories Radio, Ahimsa Imprints, Izzki handmade, Storytellers and authors from Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, U.K., Seirra Leone(Africa), Malaysia, Singapore and U.S.A.)

There shall be entertaining story activities, enriching workshops and engaging competitions. Everyone is welcome! Participate from anywhere in the world.

Competitions are free and registrations shall be open from 20th May to 12th June.

Story session and Workshops for both Adults and Children. (Pay what you can) *Entry shall be closed two days prior to the session.*

We are supporting Roti Bank and People for Change, two praiseworthy NGOs that are working tirelessly to arrange aid and relief for the needy. We stand for the suffering tribal artisans.

Join in to make a difference!

Together We Can!

*Watch this space for weekly updates*

Stories Await You!

Results for the competitions to be declared on 5th July.